Zambia Bound

Support Zambia Missions

On Tuesday, May 15 Jeff will be flying to Zambia for two months of intense work with the HBM work in Zambia. There are now over 1400 registered pastors in training. This is not including 9 other districts that have not fully reported the new pastors they would like to start training! Jeff’s mission will be to identify this growth and make preparations to receive all the new pastors into training by this fall.

At present there is a real need for support for this trip. There is $4700 available for Bibles, $1700 available for bicycles and $0 available for the trip itself! SO as you can see your involvement is vitally necessary to the success of this trip.

Would you consider supporting Jeff and the mission in Zambia this summer. Your prayers and your financial support are needed.

You can donate online HERE or send by mail to: Hope Builders Ministries, P.O.Box 317, Greenwood, VA 22943. Designate Zambia Mission

Thank you!
2 John 5-8


Author: Helping Indigenous Missions

I am passionate about the world mission and mandate of Jesus Christ to "make disciples" of everybody, everywhere, all the time until He Returns.

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